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Cultivate & Eat Japanese Herbs

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These beautiful Japanese herb growing kits, make the most unusual gift for anyone that loves discovering new culinary herbs or who loves to try new things. Presented in a paper bag, wrapped and tied in the traditional style of Japanese rice bags, you have everything you need to cultivate your own kitchen herb garden.

Choose from three traditional Japanese Herbs all that can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes.

Wasabina - Japanese Mustard Greens, a beautiful plant with frilly green leaves and a similar taste to the more well known Wasabi. Wasabina means 'similar to Wasabi' in Japanese. A wonderful peppery addition to a salad or can be sautéed or roasted to add to hot dishes. It's delicious, sautéed and stirred through mash potato!

Shiso - Japanese Basil, another pretty plant this time with jagged edged leaves. An aromatic herb commonly used in Japanese cuisine, it actually belongs to the same botanical family as mint and shares a similar texture, although its flavour has hints of basil too. Due to its high concentration of phytoncides, it is believed to have anti-bacterial properties, one of the main reasons why it has traditionally been used to separate pieces of sushi and sashimi. As well as using it for sushi you can add it to salads or chop up to add to marinades, dips and sauces.

Shungiku - Chrysanthemum Greens, a variety of chrysanthemum, grown for its tasty edible leaves, Shungiku is a popular addition to all sorts of Asian dishes. It has a slightly bitter, herby flavour that will add depth to salads and stir fry's. Rich in vitamins A and B, it contains many anti-oxidants, and more potassium than a similar serving of bananas.

Materials & Dimensions:

Kraft Paper Bag (lined with plastic), Seeds, Potting Mix, Instructions

14 x 8.5 x 3.8 cm

Origin: Japan. 

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