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Start Up Awards: Empowering Small Businesses

Start Up Awards: Empowering Small Businesses

There are only a few days left to enter this years StartUp Awards!

This time last year we were frantically finishing off our application, with only a tiny glimmer of hope that it might lead to something. Then, at the awards ceremony last June, we were shocked, overjoyed, and deeply honoured to have our name announced as the winners of the Online Retailer of the Year Award for the South West!

The Startups Awards has earned a reputation for unearthing some of the UK’s finest entrepreneurial businesses, and shining a spotlight on the start-up market. For us winning the award has opened the door to so many opportunities and provided us with a whole new community that have been involved in the SUA's. Recently Annabelle Dearling from StartUp Awards got in touch to ask us how life has changed since winning the award and we thought we'd share it with you, in case you're on the fence about whether or not its worth applying.

Big thank you to Annabelle Dearling at National StartUp Awards for including us in their Q&A. And to anyone considering whether or not to enter, I can't recommend it enough - go for it!

byFoke's shiny Start Ups Award


Could you give me a brief few lines about what the business is all about and how it came to be?

byFoke provides a more thoughtful way of gifting with our carefully curated selection of luxury gifts sourced from independent brands. Based in Dorset, byFoke is an award winning gifting studio that specialises in sustainable curated gift boxes suitable for every occasion. byFoke has been founded on strong principals: supporting and championing small independent brands, creating an ethical and sustainable business that has as small a footprint as possible and above all creating memorable gift experiences for both the purchaser and the recipient.

What made you apply for SUA last year?

When we heard about the SUA’s, we immediately wanted to be a part of it. We were thrilled to discover that there was an award that recognises the amazing quality and variety of companies that start up in the UK every year and we were keen to see if all of the hard work we had put into starting and growing byFoke could stand up against the amazing competition out there.

What did winning the award mean to you and the company?

We were absolutely overjoyed to win the award as it was a real validation that we had achieved something credible with byFoke and that our new business had real promise for the future.

What impact has the award win had on the company?

Winning the award has not only provided us with a real boost to keep going with our plans for growing the business, but it has also gained us national recognition for byFoke both in the press and social media and it has led to fantastic networking opportunities amongst other UK start-ups that took part.

Have you hit any major milestones, seen significant growth or made a significant achievement in the past 12 months? e.g. turned over a certain milestone figure, expanded the team, opened new premises, secured investment, partnered with anyone major etc.

Since winning the award, we have hit some major milestones including securing our first round of investment, doubling the size of our team and opening a new gifting studio with our first bricks and mortar shop. We have also been growing the corporate gifting side of our business that is now on track to provide a significant boost to our turnover in 2023.

Why should other entrepreneurs put themselves forward?

Entering the SUA’s is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur, the process itself is an incredibly valuable exercise for really working out what makes your business stand-out from all the others and what your plans are from the future. It is a chance to get your business in front of the judges and if you get short-listed, all the other entrants too. Winning the award gives your business a credibility that will be invaluable moving forward with your future plans.

What is the name of your town and why should more start-ups from your region be championed?

We are based in Poundbury in Dorset, which is full of independent businesses across a variety of sectors, there are so many great local businesses that deserve to be recognised on a national scale.

What's next for you and the company? Any future plans or expectations for growth?

We have so many plans for the future of byFoke, our challenge is narrowing them down to what is achievable in the short term :) This year our predominant focus is on expanding our customer base, particularly into the corporate space and bringing on and championing more independent sustainable brands.